I have worked extensively with individuals around a multitude of issues including: anxiety, depression, relationship problems, sexuality, intimacy difficulties, self-esteem, self-confidence, eating disorders, substance abuse problems, family of origin issues, abuse issues, a sense of isolation or feeling alone and more...
"I believe that the level of differentiation of a person is largely determined by the time he or she leaves the parental family and he or she attempts a life of their own.
Thereafter, they tend to replicate the lifestyle from the parental family
in all future relationships.

As I see it now, the critical stage is passed when the individual can begin to know
the difference between emotional functioning and intellectual functioning,
and when they have developed ways for using that knowledge
for solving future problems in a lifelong effort of their own."

 ...from clincial experience I can say it is possible to make slow changes, and each small change results in the new 'world' of a different lifestyle.
                                                                                               ~ Murray Bowen M.D.
Individuals In Therapy
It's not uncommon for people to feel they are experiencing various symptoms or not functioning at their best.