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The International Academy of Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Divorce

BC Collaborative Roster Society
Collaborative Divorce Vancouver
Setting & Prioritizing Goals and Interests
CBC documentary, "How To Divorce And Not Wreck The Kids" ~ 45 minutes
The Today Show interview regarding Collaborative Divorce ~ 7 minutes

Resources Regarding Children

Protecting your children during divorce
It's not your fault
Families Change - fun and interactive information for kids, teens and parents
Changville - online game for kids

For Parents ~ healthy co-parenting

Up To Parents - For those married
Proud to Parent - for parents who never married

BC Divorce Resources

Ministry of the Attorney General - Family Law
Family Law in BC - Legal Services Society
JP Boyd's Family Law Resource

Parenting Plans

Cooperative Parenting Agreement - an example to use as a template
Parenting After Separation - Pamphlet
Sample Parenting Plan - Ottawa
How to write a Parenting Plan
Child Custody Parenting Schedule Options ~ Joan Kelly Phd.


Collaborative Divorce, what is it? ~Lawyer, Nancy Cameron Q.C.
Talking to your children about separating or divorcing ~ Joan Kelly Phd.
Top 10 Ways to Divorce and Not Wreck the Kids ~ Joan Kelly Phd.
The Costs of Collaborative Divorce compared to Litigation ~ Lawyer, Danny Zack
Download your Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit
The 14 Stages of Divorce
Joan Kelly about the effects of conflict on children during and after divorce
Family Law Act
Divorce Act
Federal Child Support Guidelines - Step by Step
Federal Child Support Guidelines for British Columbia
Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines
Postcards from Splitsville
Parenting After Separation Handbook
Some Thoughts on a Parenting Plan Assumption ~ Bill Eddy
Up To Parents ~ Parent's Corner
"In the middle of every difficulty
lies opportunity."
                                       ~ Albert Einstein
High Conflict Institute - see "articles" section
Post Divorce Checklist (Partial) Cathie Hurlburt, Financial Specialist
The Financial Process in Collaborative Practice ~ Pat Lalonde, Financial Specialist
Families Change ~ Online Parenting After Separation Course
The The Divorce Coach: An Underutilized Professional, Who Provides Huge Benefit
The Shared Custody Experience - Denise Whitehead, a lawyer with a Ph.D. in Family Relations
Summary of Research on Cost of Collaborative Divorce ~ Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Art Lewin
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Guide to the New Family Law Act