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Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinators help parents who are in higher conflict than the average parents after divorce.

Parenting coordination is a child-focused dispute resolution process for separated and divorced families.

As a Parenting Coordinator I bring my experience as a family therapist and divorce coach, along with special training in mediating and arbitrating parenting disputes, to the process of helping separated and divorced parents recognize the needs of their children.
My approach to parenting coordination is pretty common sense. I look to see what is reasonable given the circumstances of the situation that has come up between parents. It also means trying to establish what is in the best interest of the children involved. Of course both parents often believe that what they are doing is in the best interest of their children and this is where the conflict often arises. Working through the "give and take" of co-parenting is often challenging, but is integral if both parents are going to be involved in the life of their children.

Co-Parenting often means "taking the high road" for the sake of your kids.

"When parenting disputes arise, either parent may contact the parenting coordinator. The coordinator will listen to each parentís side of the story and attempt to mediate a resolution of the dispute. If mediation fails to produce a settlement, the coordinator will arbitrate the dispute and impose a resolution which both parents will be bound by. When the next problem comes up, the parents will go back to their parenting coordinator and the process starts again. Along the way, the parenting coordinator will also try to help the parents learn to communicate more effectively with each other and identify the hot-button issues which trigger disputes."
                                                                                                            -Parenting Coordinator Roster website

My Approach to Parenting Coordination

Some parents find themselves in constant conflict long after separation. A Parenting Coordinator is a neutral decision-maker who can help resolve day-to-day parenting conflicts as they arise and help minimize further conflict and additional appearances in court.
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