Fees apply per sessional hour (50 minutes) or portion of an hour. Longer sessions are available.
Fees generally are payable at the end of each appointment unless otherwise arranged .

Payment can be by cheque or cash, credit card payments are possible using my Square device.

Interac E-transfers are also possible. Many of my clients are now using Interac E-transfers to transfer funds directly from their online bank account. It's fast and easy.

Some people prefer to prepay for several sessions ahead of time. For example, to secure your sessional day and time for several weeks or if there will be a number of collaborative 4-way meetings, some find it helpful to not have to be concerned with writing cheques each time they come.

Remember that extended health or other employee benefit packages may provide coverage for your sessions.

If you don't have extended benefits through your workplace, as a Registered Social Worker I'm deemed a "healthcare professional" and so therapy can be deducted on your income tax under "medical expenses."

Receipts are issued at the end of each session.
  *As a Registered Social Worker
I am NOT required to charge GST.*
I reserve a couple of spaces for lower income clients. Please contact me for further information.
Please contact me to discuss my fees.